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. Posted in ipsw downloads by Callum Jones

Firmware Links is moving forward under a new name and domain.

With the release of iOS 8 by Apple, I started thinking about the Firmware Links pages. They have become so vast, expanding hundreds of pages (if you look for specifics, like /ios/7.1.2 etc.).

The data Firmware Links has collected is huge compared to how the website started. Firmware Links now holds information for 638 IPSW files across 43 devices, totalling a massive 659GB of IPSWs on Apple's servers.

Given this, it seems somewhat odd that these popular pages stay under the domain icj.me, which wasn't acquired for this purpose (or any purpose really - I just wanted a domain ;P). icj.me should be a personal domain for my projects, and it's become more about the Firmware Links pages on it than any other content.

As of today, icj.me/ios will no longer serve "Firmware Links". I have purchased a new domain which is much more fitting and dedicated to the purpose of the "Firmware Links" pages. This domain is ipsw.me. From now on, all IPSW Downloads and related information will be available there. icj.me/ios will soon be redirected to ipsw.me to reflect this. The Firmware Links API can now also be found at the new domain, as well as API documentation (which will be updated very soon).

Over the coming weeks I'll be working more on simplifying ipsw.me and icj.me as well as fixing any bugs I find along the way. This should mean that in the future, downloading IPSWs is much simpler - and I can repurpose the Just a Penguin name to something more general therefore allowing me to move forward with different projects.

Don't worry! I haven't forgotten the penguin! He'll be making an appearance on ipsw.me shortly.